Monday, March 23, 2009

early dabbles

Finally a blog has emerged. I've entertained the thought for months and have been putting it on and off for quite some time now. After several attempts, losing my gmail passwords, documented works, and a grueling final year of study, here I am, with old works, new works, and progress of newer works. These are some early dabbles from early early 2008, I made a stack of drawings during the cyclonic weather of that summer. 

Untitled 1 2008
ink and water colour on water colour paper

elephant 2008
ink, water colour and pencil on water colour paper

batty 2008
ink and water colour on water colour paper

flim (mark making early stages) 2008
ink on water colour paper

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  1. you posted this on my twenty-first birthday which is super swell, and makes sense, considering its my favourite-est post of them all! keep it all up woman! love mariana